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BUSTA is a next generation GameFi platform and DEX built on Binance Smart Chain. It is an enormous and ambitious ecosystem which will soon be populated by multiple games and tokens.

Accompanied by it's own niche DEX with customisable smart contracts for every token, Staking pools, Affiliate and Partner programs, and DAO, it is truly unique in it's intricately weaved architecture.

BUSTA came to Innovation Theory with problems of tokenomics, creating a new community from scratch in record time and no brand or sale marketing at that point of time.


Building tokenomics for its upcoming IDO

Build a gaming platform which can incentivise players in form of tokens

Expanding a brand from scratch 

Generating a new community niche to gamifi industry 

Marketing this idea to the masses 

Designing the brand image which is relatable to people all over the globe.

Scope of work

Innovation theory helped BUST with creating a highly incentivised tokenomics which they needed for their platform. The tokenomics included an affiliate program that would incentivise the community if anyone would make any kind of transaction using their link.

Innovation theory built a gaming platform matching BUSTA’s vision where gamers could earn tokens while acing their gaming skills online and earn monetary benefits from the same.

We helped them develop a platform for exchange competing pancakeswap in a record time of 3 months and not only that, the entire projects marketing and branding services was under Innovation theory as well, Which resulted in raising over 3 Million USD as soon as it went live.

How we did it

Innovation theory is a group of professionals from different backgrounds and expertise. We had no problem diving deep into each area, as we wanted to provide the best results possible.In order to create a new product, innovation theory looked into every aspect of the company's business. This included talking with developers, marketers, brand managers and project managers in our team who have worked together for many years.

We developed the exchange platform in 3 months and not just that- our tokenomics was ready to live with our game platform as well. Developing a game which makes people earn tokens while playing games was challenging, but we are proud of what we have accomplished!