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What we do

We set blockchain projects up for rapid global success through our core offerings.

We help businesses
de-risk blockchain innovation.

We help startups de-risk product strategy.

We de-risk by validating product market fit.

We de-risk investment by increasing financial trajectory.

We create community involvement to de-risk user adoption.

We help stakeholders de-risk decision making.

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Innovation Theory Logo SVG

Product Innovation

We discover, envision, and build world-class user-centered products that leverage blockchain technology.

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Business Strategy

Realize your product’s unique value and position your services in a way that maximizes your chance of success.

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Functional Branding & Design

At the center of every successful business, is a thoughtful brand. We help you reveal an impactful brand strategy and visual identity that appeals to your users.

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Community & Marketing

With a successful business, it is important and challenging to deliver high value while maintaining cost-effective visibility to your users. We have combined a full spectrum of services to build your user community through design, communication, marketing, and social PR.

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Project Health

Success can be measured and managed as a project gains momentum and the requirements start to stack up. Our team management specialists help your team agilely scale efficiently to growing needs while fitting into a rigid budget.

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Are you ready to do product innovation?

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Leverage your unique product value.

We help you realize your unique product value and position your services in a way that maximizes your chance of success.

What we do

De-risk your business offering.

Great ideas need guidance. Our industry experts can help you validate your approach to the market and skip the hurdles most new businesses waste time tripping over.

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Lead with a distinctive brand.

A functional brand needs to be clear and memorable to customers. We can create a new brand that stands out in an overcrowded marketplace and an existing brand reposition in order to remain relevant to new trends.

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Put your customers first.

We'll help you truly understand your customer needs and how to build a loyal community by building up brand affinity and a tight-knit group of users.

What we do

Build an adaptive work culture.

We'll equip your teams with the skills and knowledge they need to adapt to real-time change and thrive during turbulent times.

What we do